Vegan Rice ‘n Cheese

Once when Sam had to leave for work I insisted he eat something.  The problem was we didn’t really have anything to eat besides some leftover rice.  Still in the pot…

So, I did what any sensible person would do:

We had leftovers.

It basically came down to this:  hot chili oil + soy sauce + sesame oil + nutritional yeast.  Throw it on top.  Spoon into mouth.  Easiest thing in the world but trust me, it tasted like a sheer gold mine.  Kudos if you actually have warm rice.  Gives a more mac ‘n cheese feel.

I decided that all around, this might be a boring post.  So I also included a picture of what to do if you find yourself in a similar predicament:

Step 1:  Make or Find Rice

Step 2 & 3:  Gather Ingredients and Dump on Rice

Step 4:  Eat.  Enjoy.  Relax a bit.  Think about your next meal.


I like to eat simple and easy foods.  If you notice, I don’t give any explicit amounts for ingredients it is simply because that is completely up to preference.  In my experiences…

2 1/2 Cups  Cooked Rice

1 TBS          Soy sauce

1/2 TSP       Sesame oil

1/8 TSP       hot chili oil (for heat)

3-5 TBS      Nutritional Yeast or “nooch”

I like mine to be a bit on the salty side.  The Korean in me absolutely loves that heat and sesame oil taste – mixed with soy sauce and you have my personal rice concoction.


By the by, Sam agrees that it tastes like mac ‘n cheese.  Aside from the nutritional yeast (which can get a little spendy) it’s a relatively cheap meal.  I like that.


Today’s post was really short, and before you go (if you came down this far) I’d like to spend some time talking to you.

“Hunger is the best spice” – I heard that once from a video game.  I was playing Tales of Symphonia:  Dawn of the New World.  But isn’t that so true?  When you are hungry, or even thirsty, just about anything you have next has such a profound impact on you.

That morning we didn’t eat anything in particular.  Sometimes we are bad at looking after ourselves in that regard.  This morning we just didn’t feel like eating and got so sidetracked that we forgot until the last hour.

I don’t like letting Sam leaving without eating because the job requires quite a bit of manual labor at times.

Somehow, this simple rice with toppings made us feel really indulgent.  It felt special.  And it just came out of randomly throwing things together.

Since, I have recreated this recipe several more times to check if I were delusional.  I am not, I am proud to say.  It definitely tastes the best if the rice is warm – it helps being out the toasty sesame flavor and makes it a lot easier to mix it all together.

And this brings me to my closing questions:  what’s the most random thing you ever made?  How did that turn out?  What did you learn from it?

Leave your answers in the comments below as well as any suggestions!


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