Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

So I mentioned a long time ago that I began this journey of blogging after taking a plunge.  I signed up for the free account at  What I found was… overwhelming to say the least.

As mentioned in my “Get Started with Affiliate Marketing” piece, I came to Wealthy Affiliate after reading some reviews because I had just been let go/quit and wanted a way to still make money.  While I have to admit, the main way that I chose to make this money does not always yield immediate revenue.  In fact, I haven’t made anything since I began in February.

Crazy.  I’m about to enter into the fourth month.

Back on track, welcome to my official review of Wealthy Affiliate where I will share with you my experiences and my opinions.


Full disclosure that this post does contain affiliate links.  If you do click on the links below and sign-up for an account, I receive a commission at no charge or extra charge to you.

Obligatory, what is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community started by two fellas to help others become wealthy affiliates.  Their names are Kyle and Carson, and they are still active in the community that they started back in 2005.

Wealthy Affiliate first started out as membership site for keywords.  Which is something I didn’t know before writing this review.

As of 2017, Wealthy Affiliate is an online community/training center/networking hub/web host/keyword tool/affiliate program.  I’m still reading that list because I’m sure that I forgot to add something in.  However, that simple list is all that is necessary for me to tell you about my experiences.


Online Community:

There are people joining everyday.  And many of those people share a common dream:  they want to learn a legitimate way of making money online.  Like me, many people that I have met on the site are drawn in by that very promise.  Which is always a great launching point when you want to start a conversation with anyone of the other members of WA.

Another part of the community is that you are all inherently bonded through your experiences through the training.  You are encouraged to comment about your goals, blog, and help others (or get help) in a 24/7 Live Chat.


As mentioned before and probably the most pressing reason to try out the Free membership.  WA’s training is massive.  There are 13 classrooms in total that are updated constantly.  New courses are added within the classrooms or updated to fit the modern times.

Of those 13 classrooms, I am in the first one, “Getting Started”.  Still.  There are 5 courses as follows:  Getting Started LVL 1 >> Ultimate Traffic Training LVL 2 >> Making Money! LVL 3 >> Mastering Social Engagement LVL 4 >> Seven Steps to Building a Successful Niche Wesbsite LVL 5.  Right now I am at LVL 3, which is… I’m taking it slow so that I absorb the maximum amount of information.

These courses are broken up into little modules that a easier to digest and each course has it’s own course discussion where you can find some really helpful comments or ask questions.

Every week there is also some live webinars you can participate in.  They cover a wide array of topics, some from YouTube training (at this moment) to coding.  Later, you can access the videos as they are archived into the community.

Networking Hub:

Much like last time, I’ve mentioned the interactions between people on the site.  To say that it is easy to network with other up and coming entrepreneurs, is really accurate.  While you are not allowed to put up affiliate links and spam others with your content, you still have ways within WA to introduce people to your business.

There is also the Website Comments platform where you can submit your website for review and other members of the site will comment on ways to improve it.  Not only does it help with site authority, having comments make it really easy to visit their sites and check them out yourself.  I love doing it.

Web Host:

You can host up to 50 sites on the WA platform – 25 domains you own and 25 free sites.  Which are also available through WA.  You can also purchase domains through WA.

You can access your websites through WA and you are offered 24/7 support.

Keyword Tool:

Keyword tools show you how competitive your chosen words or phrases are.  By entering in, you can see how many pages/posts that people have written that target a specific keyword(s).  It’s a useful feature, but there are many other more detailed keyword tools services that you can use.

Affiliate Program:

Ha ha!  WA has its own independent affiliate program you are auto-entered in (even with a free membership).  If you can get people to sign up for a free or paid account, you receive credits.  It boils down to about a 50% commission, reoccurring if the people that sign up for the paid account keep paying.  That, in itself, is pretty awesome and something I haven’t really tried out.  Yet.

Free versus Premium

One of my biggest concerns was a FREE membership versus the PREMIUM.  And those are the only two memberships.  Here’s a snapshot at what the differences:

When you first sign-up you are given 7 days to upgrade to a premium membership at a special rate.  For $19 for your first month after.

There is one thing I want to make clear:  you do not have to upgrade into a premium account.  Yes it does come with many perks and I did upgrade, but you don’t have to.

I also want to make it clear that if you upgrade, you cannot downgrade back into a free membership.  This isn’t an issue for me, but it can be for some people who may not have enough money to invest in the program through yearly or monthly memberships at first.

My Wealthy Affiliate

My experiences with Wealthy Affiliate have been positive.  The training I have utilized has been useful and worked.


The exposure alone has shown me my ignorance.  Aside from not knowing about affiliate marketing, I didn’t know about website domains and hosting.  Those were unknowns and it did make me feel a little… stupid.

Overcoming ignorance is in itself satisfying.  Turning it into a work that can net you money is even better.

Therein lies the most important part:  Wealthy Affiliate is just a tool that you can utilize.  It is not something that will make you instantly famous.  It will not automatically bring in the money.  All that legwork is up to you, and you alone.

This does take work.  This does take TIME.  And you might not get it right on the first try.  And that is all right.  You can try as many times as you like, as you need.  And you can also walk away if you think that affiliate marketing isn’t for you.

My Rating:  4.75 / 5

If you are wanting to learn about affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is prime material.  You have access too all the training and the affiliates in the Wealthy Affiliate community to fill you brain with.

The main downside is the inability to downgrade back into a FREE membership, which does make sense because of how much is packed into the PREMIUM membership.  But, it can be lame if you don’t have a lot of money.  If you do have domains under WA’s hosting, you will be given time to migrate them to another hosting plan in to keep them.

However, you can check it out for FREE by clicking here.

If you do create an account, at the end of your 7 days you will be given a promotional membership price for the first month for $19.



If you have any questions you can leave them down below and I’ll get back to you.  Hopefully this cleared up any questions that you had or helps you make an informed decision.

Otherwise, take care dearies!