How To Do Things You Hate

a.k.a. being an adult.  Really.

I don’t know how many things now I have done that I especially hated but simply needed to be done.  My worst enemy?  Dishes!  And how they come back multiple times a day.

It’s mind boggling.  (Not really)

But really, this can be overcome rather easily in 3 steps!

Step 1:  Find a task you hate.

This shouldn’t be hard to do at all.  I bet if you took five seconds to look around you, you could find at least 3 things that need to be done that you’ve been putting off.  Start with one.

Step 2:  Decide if you want to actually do it.

Also very easy.  In fact you’ve probably come up with the same answer:  “no YOU don’t want to do it, but man it sure would be nice if SOMEONE did it”.

Step 3:  Do it.

Turns out, that someone was you all along!  Congrats, you survived!  You didn’t melt from being productive, you didn’t die from overexposure to cleanliness, you are a warrior.  Now go be a warrior and conquer another task.

Chores.  Let’s face it, how many of us really like doing chores?

They’re such a drag, they take up too much time, you could be doing something so much more fun, so much more worthwhile!  Consistently putting off menial tasks like doing the dishes or putting away the laundry can have some dreadful drawbacks.

Eventually you may want to invite someone over, someone you want to impress.  It’d be a lot easier if they didn’t have to wade through last months’ laundry and hop over weekend trash in order to snag a seat.  If there’s a spot that’s not taken over by dishes or pizza boxes.  If you are a good host you will ask, “Would you like anything to drink?”  No matter they’re answer, it is heaven-sent if you find a clean glass.  Period.


For now, I’m going to part ways with the exaggerations.  Why is it so hard to do things that we don’t like?  Easy.

Because you get in your own way.

We gnash our teeth, we whine and we moan, but that task ain’t getting done until someone puts their nose to the grindstone.  Simply thinking about how much we dislike/hate something gets our blood flowing, fires us up.

But we are going to have to move past that.

Matt Abrahams said it beautifully in his lecture “Think Fast, Talk Smart:  Communication Techniques” – You want to view this as an opportunity, not a challenge.  (That video is gold and I highly recommend you watch it).

I have to repeat that:

“View this as an opportunity, not a challenge.”

By speaking to yourself in such a way you can change your perception.  And if you can change the lens with which you regard a task, you increase your chances of actually doing.

So instead of, “I hate doing the dishes” say something like, “I love the way the kitchen looks after the dishes have been done“.  You’re giving yourself the opportunity to make something you enjoy happen, instead letting yourself feel deflated by the task.

You still might not enjoy the doing, but you will surely enjoy the outcome.  Similarly to working towards a goal, reminds yourself of why.  (Hint:  the reason is because you deserve it).

Stop choosing to “put the dirty clothes in the hamper” later.  Choose to do it now, and leave it and your thoughts of later in the hamper.  Choose to be free of “I’ll get it done later”.  Choose to be free.

Do you think this guide is too simplistic?  In writing it, I sometimes think that as well.  However.  It really is that simple.  I think we put up with our mental gymnastics too much and let that stop us from living a fulfilling life.  Do you have an overactive “I should do” list?  Or are you a “get ‘er done” person?

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