Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

So I mentioned a long time ago that I began this journey of blogging after taking a plunge.  I signed up for the free account at  What I found was… overwhelming to say the least.

As mentioned in my “Get Started with Affiliate Marketing” piece, I came to Wealthy Affiliate after reading some reviews because I had just been let go/quit and wanted a way to still make money.  While I have to admit, the main way that I chose to make this money does not always yield immediate revenue.  In fact, I haven’t made anything since I began in February.

Crazy.  I’m about to enter into the fourth month.

Back on track, welcome to my official review of Wealthy Affiliate where I will share with you my experiences and my opinions.


Full disclosure that this post does contain affiliate links.  If you do click on the links below and sign-up for an account, I receive a commission at no charge or extra charge to you.

Obligatory, what is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community started by two fellas to help others become wealthy affiliates.  Their names are Kyle and Carson, and they are still active in the community that they started back in 2005.

Wealthy Affiliate first started out as membership site for keywords.  Which is something I didn’t know before writing this review.

As of 2017, Wealthy Affiliate is an online community/training center/networking hub/web host/keyword tool/affiliate program.  I’m still reading that list because I’m sure that I forgot to add something in.  However, that simple list is all that is necessary for me to tell you about my experiences.


Online Community:

There are people joining everyday.  And many of those people share a common dream:  they want to learn a legitimate way of making money online.  Like me, many people that I have met on the site are drawn in by that very promise.  Which is always a great launching point when you want to start a conversation with anyone of the other members of WA.

Another part of the community is that you are all inherently bonded through your experiences through the training.  You are encouraged to comment about your goals, blog, and help others (or get help) in a 24/7 Live Chat.


As mentioned before and probably the most pressing reason to try out the Free membership.  WA’s training is massive.  There are 13 classrooms in total that are updated constantly.  New courses are added within the classrooms or updated to fit the modern times.

Of those 13 classrooms, I am in the first one, “Getting Started”.  Still.  There are 5 courses as follows:  Getting Started LVL 1 >> Ultimate Traffic Training LVL 2 >> Making Money! LVL 3 >> Mastering Social Engagement LVL 4 >> Seven Steps to Building a Successful Niche Wesbsite LVL 5.  Right now I am at LVL 3, which is… I’m taking it slow so that I absorb the maximum amount of information.

These courses are broken up into little modules that a easier to digest and each course has it’s own course discussion where you can find some really helpful comments or ask questions.

Every week there is also some live webinars you can participate in.  They cover a wide array of topics, some from YouTube training (at this moment) to coding.  Later, you can access the videos as they are archived into the community.

Networking Hub:

Much like last time, I’ve mentioned the interactions between people on the site.  To say that it is easy to network with other up and coming entrepreneurs, is really accurate.  While you are not allowed to put up affiliate links and spam others with your content, you still have ways within WA to introduce people to your business.

There is also the Website Comments platform where you can submit your website for review and other members of the site will comment on ways to improve it.  Not only does it help with site authority, having comments make it really easy to visit their sites and check them out yourself.  I love doing it.

Web Host:

You can host up to 50 sites on the WA platform – 25 domains you own and 25 free sites.  Which are also available through WA.  You can also purchase domains through WA.

You can access your websites through WA and you are offered 24/7 support.

Keyword Tool:

Keyword tools show you how competitive your chosen words or phrases are.  By entering in, you can see how many pages/posts that people have written that target a specific keyword(s).  It’s a useful feature, but there are many other more detailed keyword tools services that you can use.

Affiliate Program:

Ha ha!  WA has its own independent affiliate program you are auto-entered in (even with a free membership).  If you can get people to sign up for a free or paid account, you receive credits.  It boils down to about a 50% commission, reoccurring if the people that sign up for the paid account keep paying.  That, in itself, is pretty awesome and something I haven’t really tried out.  Yet.

Free versus Premium

One of my biggest concerns was a FREE membership versus the PREMIUM.  And those are the only two memberships.  Here’s a snapshot at what the differences:

When you first sign-up you are given 7 days to upgrade to a premium membership at a special rate.  For $19 for your first month after.

There is one thing I want to make clear:  you do not have to upgrade into a premium account.  Yes it does come with many perks and I did upgrade, but you don’t have to.

I also want to make it clear that if you upgrade, you cannot downgrade back into a free membership.  This isn’t an issue for me, but it can be for some people who may not have enough money to invest in the program through yearly or monthly memberships at first.

My Wealthy Affiliate

My experiences with Wealthy Affiliate have been positive.  The training I have utilized has been useful and worked.


The exposure alone has shown me my ignorance.  Aside from not knowing about affiliate marketing, I didn’t know about website domains and hosting.  Those were unknowns and it did make me feel a little… stupid.

Overcoming ignorance is in itself satisfying.  Turning it into a work that can net you money is even better.

Therein lies the most important part:  Wealthy Affiliate is just a tool that you can utilize.  It is not something that will make you instantly famous.  It will not automatically bring in the money.  All that legwork is up to you, and you alone.

This does take work.  This does take TIME.  And you might not get it right on the first try.  And that is all right.  You can try as many times as you like, as you need.  And you can also walk away if you think that affiliate marketing isn’t for you.

My Rating:  4.75 / 5

If you are wanting to learn about affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is prime material.  You have access too all the training and the affiliates in the Wealthy Affiliate community to fill you brain with.

The main downside is the inability to downgrade back into a FREE membership, which does make sense because of how much is packed into the PREMIUM membership.  But, it can be lame if you don’t have a lot of money.  If you do have domains under WA’s hosting, you will be given time to migrate them to another hosting plan in to keep them.

However, you can check it out for FREE by clicking here.

If you do create an account, at the end of your 7 days you will be given a promotional membership price for the first month for $19.



If you have any questions you can leave them down below and I’ll get back to you.  Hopefully this cleared up any questions that you had or helps you make an informed decision.

Otherwise, take care dearies!





Vegan Rice ‘n Cheese

Once when Sam had to leave for work I insisted he eat something.  The problem was we didn’t really have anything to eat besides some leftover rice.  Still in the pot…

So, I did what any sensible person would do:

We had leftovers.

It basically came down to this:  hot chili oil + soy sauce + sesame oil + nutritional yeast.  Throw it on top.  Spoon into mouth.  Easiest thing in the world but trust me, it tasted like a sheer gold mine.  Kudos if you actually have warm rice.  Gives a more mac ‘n cheese feel.

I decided that all around, this might be a boring post.  So I also included a picture of what to do if you find yourself in a similar predicament:

Step 1:  Make or Find Rice

Step 2 & 3:  Gather Ingredients and Dump on Rice

Step 4:  Eat.  Enjoy.  Relax a bit.  Think about your next meal.


I like to eat simple and easy foods.  If you notice, I don’t give any explicit amounts for ingredients it is simply because that is completely up to preference.  In my experiences…

2 1/2 Cups  Cooked Rice

1 TBS          Soy sauce

1/2 TSP       Sesame oil

1/8 TSP       hot chili oil (for heat)

3-5 TBS      Nutritional Yeast or “nooch”

I like mine to be a bit on the salty side.  The Korean in me absolutely loves that heat and sesame oil taste – mixed with soy sauce and you have my personal rice concoction.


By the by, Sam agrees that it tastes like mac ‘n cheese.  Aside from the nutritional yeast (which can get a little spendy) it’s a relatively cheap meal.  I like that.


Today’s post was really short, and before you go (if you came down this far) I’d like to spend some time talking to you.

“Hunger is the best spice” – I heard that once from a video game.  I was playing Tales of Symphonia:  Dawn of the New World.  But isn’t that so true?  When you are hungry, or even thirsty, just about anything you have next has such a profound impact on you.

That morning we didn’t eat anything in particular.  Sometimes we are bad at looking after ourselves in that regard.  This morning we just didn’t feel like eating and got so sidetracked that we forgot until the last hour.

I don’t like letting Sam leaving without eating because the job requires quite a bit of manual labor at times.

Somehow, this simple rice with toppings made us feel really indulgent.  It felt special.  And it just came out of randomly throwing things together.

Since, I have recreated this recipe several more times to check if I were delusional.  I am not, I am proud to say.  It definitely tastes the best if the rice is warm – it helps being out the toasty sesame flavor and makes it a lot easier to mix it all together.

And this brings me to my closing questions:  what’s the most random thing you ever made?  How did that turn out?  What did you learn from it?

Leave your answers in the comments below as well as any suggestions!


Save Money: 3 Simple Rules for Food Shopping

BAM!  Our mountain of bananas.  Sam and I returned from shopping and we came home with oodles of bananas in our bags.  Excited and proud we shared our deal prowess with friends who returned with messages like, “Those look bruised”.

Pffft!  Plebs!

While I jest about our friends (mostly) our bananas only cost us $0.29 / pound!  That’s incredible savings.  During our grocery trip we’d bought about $4.50 worth of bananas.  All together.  Let’s do some reverse math!

(0.29 * x lbs) = 4.50, which evolves into 4.50 / 0.29.  That equals…

15.52 lbs

By the by.  According to My Fitness Pal, 15.52 lbs of bananas equals…

We won’t eat these all in a night.  Realistically we’d eat 4-5 blended in a smoothie (that we share) and probably 2-3 as snacks throughout the day.

Bananas are also super versatile.  Outside of eating them as mono-meals fruitarian style, you can bake with them, substitute them into baked goods (such as cakes and muffins), and I’m sure the Internet can enlighten you to many more options.

We eat a lot of bananas.  A.  Lot.

The point of this post isn’t to brag or to tell you to buy masses of bananas. What this post is about is showing you 3 simple rules we follow when shopping around.


Rule #1:  Never Buy More Than You Can Eat

This is probably the hardest rule for me to overcome.  When I go shopping and see a good deal – I want to buy it.  But there are times when the deals are for foods that we don’t eat regularly, if at all.  This can add up to huge amounts of wasted food and therefore wasted money.  Personally I’ve scraped a lot of money into the trash because I never got around to eating something I bought on sale or thought I was going to eat for x reason.

Be a person who is an authority in your life. Ask yourself two very important questions: “Am I actually going to eat this?” or “Will I eat this before it expires?”  If the answer is no, you’re better off putting it back and buying less, even if the bulk price is “unbeatable”.


Rule #2:  Buy Staples in BULK

If you eat something on the regular, check to see if they have a bulk option.  Oh, especially if it’s a dried good like beans or rice!  Many times, there are cheaper.  It sometimes take a quick calculation on your phone to double check, but some places, like Walmart, will offer a unit price.

$2.93 / 3 lbs vs. $9.84 / 20 lbs.  In this picture, the unit prices are 97.7 cents / lb and 49.2 cents / lb, respectively.  For fun, I’m going to scale these:

Let’s say you eat 60 lbs of rice over the course of several months.  If you kept buying the 3 lb option, you would pay $58.60 for 60 lbs of rice.  If you bought the 20 lbs of rice, you would only pay $29.52.  That’s a savings of $29.08!

Our staples include:  soy sauce, sesame oil, rice, oatmeal, dried beans and bananas. : )


Rule #3:  Buy Food, Not “Treats”

I will never say, “Don’t buy yourself a treat ever!” because that’s ludicrous.  I want my tub of ice cream every now and then.  But that’s the key:  every now and then.  Treats, which includes snacks like chips, chocolates, candies, and so on, are major bill busters.

The bulk of your grocery trips should be to gather food that will keep your household fed, healthy, and satisfied.

It’s OK to love food. Maybe even worship it. In the end food should serve you and your nutritional needs.  Not your whims.


Bonus Rule:  Before you start, track your spending!

This is probably the simplest and most effective way to help you manage your groceries.  And it is also the hardest.

Keep track of what you spend your money on, and how much.  Keep in mind how the things you buy are serving you.  Chances are there are some routine spending habits you have that you could be reviewing and axing later on if they break your budget and lack value.

When I first starting living on my own, these three things were what I struggled the most with.  My food expenditure was crazy.  By myself, I spent nearly over 150+ on groceries on top of eating out.  Yikes.  At the time, I didn’t really have the luxury of spending that much money without running into debt.

The worse part?  Some of that food sat in my pantry for over a year.  I never touched it.

I went into debt over wasted food and “treats” because I thought I was handling my money well.

You don’t have to be that person.  It took a lot of trial and error before I reached the point where I was consciously spending money on what I actually needed versus what I thought I needed.  And you can get there too.

If you have any other ways you save money, leave a comment down below and share it so that others can read it!  If you have used these same rules or similar, did they help?  Why or why not?  I’d love to know.

Otherwise, be cozy!

*We do not condone the use of banana-centric violence.  We do condone the consumption and sharing of bananas however.  Please eat responsibly.

What is iHerb for?

Nothing throws off your programming schedule quite like a beloved YouTube channel taking a break.  Thankfully, they’re back and looking so much more rejuvenated!

In their latest video however, they mentioned a thing that I had been hearing a lot about.  It’s called iHerb, and you’re probably wondering what the heck iHerb is for.  Me too.  So I did some research!

iHerb is an online store.  Packed with natural goodies.  For the health-conscious and eco-aware, iHerb is a dedicated supermarket to supplying people with natural, and/or organic goods that range from the pantry shelves to your bathroom counter to even your pets’ bowls.  Not only are they an online health foods store – they claim to sell their goods between 30-40% less than your average ground operation.

We visit our health foods store on the regular.  We don’t buy much in the way of goods because it’s not cheap.  So really, any savings on the things we do get is divine.  But are they actually cheaper?

Compared to our local health foods store?  Yeah.  Like 90% of the time.  How about when compared to giants like Wal-Mart who basically screams they have the lowest prices?  Or Amazon, with it’s stupidly massive online marketplace at some to-die for prices?  How does iHerb stack up against those guys?  To check, I’ve chosen three items.  And we’re going to compare them across all platforms.


Oatmeal.  It’s a staple in our pantry.  We eat it almost every day in some form – mostly as breakfast and cookies.  To start, I picked an item that had to be found at all three retailers.  So I found this Bob’s Red Mill, Gluten-Free, Rolled Oats.  32 oz of it.



Amazon: $5.45*

Walmart:  $6.92 

iHerb:  $5.62


Actually, I’m pleasantly surprised that iHerb isn’t as expensive as I thought.  Both beat Walmart, and Amazon is in the lead by $0.17.  Pretty neat.

What about something else?  I super like chia seeds.  Like oatmeal they provide you with some good fiber and protein, but chia has an added benefit of “gel-ing” up so you can use it as an egg-substitute in many recipes.  This one from Nutiva looks good – organic, 12 oz and black chia seeds.



Amazon:  $7.03*

Walmart:  $7.17**

iHerb:  $11.70


Funny thing.  Yesterday when I was doing research for this article, Walmart was actually selling it at $11.28.  So it’s kind of neat seeing how the price dropped after a day.  However, the real story is the Amazon price.  Holy bologna, it’s actually $0.17 cheaper than Walmart and a whole $4.67 cheaper than iHerb.

Since peanut allergies are so prevalent, let’s take a look at an alternative:  almond butter.  I actually like almond butter a lot more than peanut butter.  It can get pretty pricey.  So for fun, how about we look at the most expensive almond butter I know?  It’s from Justin’s, and his Classic Almond Butter at 16 oz costs us…



Amazon:  $11.25* / $17.95*

Walmart:  $17.95

iHerb:  $13.29


So I find this really interesting.  Amazon leads again with $2.04 less than iHerb and a whopping $6.70 less than Walmart.  I could leave it at that.  But you should really know that a lot of these prices are available to me because I’m an Amazon Prime member.  I’ve found that while I get some pretty awesome discounts for being a Prime member, that might not be applicable to everyone.  I’d also like to add that there are many Amazon Pantry exclusives. that only Prime members get access to.  That would include the oats from Bob’s Red Mill on this list.


It could be argued that Amazon is still the better choice.  It has 480 million+ versus iHerb’s 35,000+.  That’s a ridiculous amount of products available to you.  Amazon also has deals in most categories and ongoing sales in an effort to push grocery sales with perks like Subscribe and Save and Prime Pantry.  It’s also hard to beat free 2-day shipping with many orders.

For us, whenever we turn to the online markets for food we have very specific requests.  Sam and I are shopping around for “exotic” items that are hard to find or extremely expensive.  So let’s talk about nori/gim/seaweed.  We LOVE seaweed and in the Midwest the demand is pretty much nonexistent.  So instead of paying around $7-8 for 10 sheets, we pay about $26 for 100 sheets.  They’re also organic.  So why give iHerb a chance?


iHerb is a very specific niche market.  What it does is offer goods you would typically find at a health foods store at a discounted price.  They are indeed cheaper than my local health foods store.  For many of the items I would personally buy, it actually competes with Amazon price wise, even with my little perks.  And that’s a lovely thing because iHerb doesn’t ask you to pay-in for a membership.  You do need to create an account in order to order things, but that’s free.

iHerb also has a rewards and loyalty program for frequent shoppers and sharers.  You’re auto-signed up when you make an account (but participation is of course, voluntary).  You can earn 5% of your shopping value back in credits which can be used to keep shopping at iHerb.  You can also share links to specific products, carts, or pages on iHerb and for whoever clicks through they get 5% off their first purchase.  That 5% comes back to you, helping you generate even more income.  Which I am always for.  Not only are you helping others, but you are helping you. (I’ll talk more about this as I dig deeper in a separate, future post)


I’m trying it out.

Amazon is pretty amazing, don’t get me wrong.  And there’s nothing out there preventing me from taking advantage of the deals on both sites.  But iHerb as a company shares many of my same values:  altruism, environmentally friendly and conscious, access to healthy food.  Their rewards program is actually pretty amazing and is enough to get me to try it out, plus they have their own deals which you can check out by clicking here.

Is it perfect?  No.  But it does offer some sweet perks.  Such as the rewards program, some wickedly sick deals that not even Amazon can top, it’s got a pretty simple layout that’s easy to use and hey, I’m not bombarded with products “I might be interested in…”.  iHerb is definitely intended for health-conscious people who want access to good products.

If you are interested in checking it out, you can click on this link to get 5% off your first purchase here.  Because why not?  In fact, you can keep using that link to keep getting 5% off.

If you have used iHerb before, what did you like or dislike about it?  Why did you choose it and do you continue to shop there?  Let me know in the comments!

Otherwise, thanks for reading and take care dearies.

My Life With the Diva Cup – Review

Before I begin my review I’d like to begin with a small caution for readers who are not comfortable reading about blood and sexual organs.  While these are natural processes and parts, they can still be upsetting or uncomfortable to read about.  I try to minimize some of this by using more medically and scientifically appropriate terms, but it’s there.  And it is there because I wanted my review to be honest.


It happened one insignificant day, when Sam and I were strolling through the aisles at Safeway.  At that time, I made a point of staring at the Diva Cups on the shelf most every grocery trip.  All the research that I’d done at the point pressed on me.  I should get it.  I finally had enough money.  And finally I did.

I will never go back.

In this personal review, I’m going to go over the reasons that led me to buying and trying the Diva Cup, my first experiences, and my 6 months later (which is presently at the time I am writing this). Rewrite this.

Let’s start!

Why I Wanted It

When I first heard about menstrual cups, it came up during a conversation in which a coworker related her sisters’ experiences.  That was five years ago and it took me up until this past year in order to actually buy the darn thing.  Reason?  Two.  Money – I was broke and availability – I only found them at one store where I live.

And maybe I was a little scared.  Like when I first tried tampons.  I adamantly told a friend I would never use them!  Pads all the way.  I converted by the end of high school because sleep.

Anyway, there are a lot of benefits thrown around about menstrual cups.  You’ll hear things like:

  • less chemicals in your vagina
  • reusable
  • easy to clean
  • easy to use
  • can wear for long periods of time
  • can measure menstruation
  • odorless

Many of these are intertwined with one another.  The biggest factor that turned me was saving money.

Which might sound odd because I listed being broke as the main reason I didn’t buy it.  At a price point of roughly $34 dollars, they were definitely more expensive than the tampons I was buying.  Up front.  But if you keep adding in all the pads, tampons and feminine hygiene products you do purchase throughout your lifetime, $34 seems pretty cheap.

Especially when considering that some people keep their menstrual cups for ten years.

At the time of purchase, I was experiencing better financial health.  It’d been a long road to financial recovery which also netted me a new mindset:  spend out of need, not want.  And purchase items that are durable and will last me a long time.

Lastly, Reddit convinced me to take the extra step and buy.  I unfortunately can’t remember the name of the subreddit I read, but a quick search will yield quick results! (If the search is working).

So.  I bought the Model 1 Diva Cup which was the recommended size for women in my category.  The “under the age of 30 who have never delivered vaginally or by cesarean section” category.  Apparently, there isn’t too big a size difference according to the Diva Cup website, but the bigger size is to prevent leakage.

My First Experiences

The first time I tried using the Diva Cup I was nervous, intimidated.  I was faced with an unknown situation and armed with instructions I made my attempt.

Wash your hands.

First, I squatted down really low and let my knees flare out to help open my lips up and basically bare myself out.  It sounds awkward.  It felt awkward but it helped.  Then I worked the Diva Cup into a “U” shape as suggested by the instructions, and tried slipping it in.  The aim is to have it sit low in your cervix, with the opening facing towards your tailbone.  It took both hands:  one to further open up my vaginal canal and the other to slip it in.

At first it was a struggle.  Kind of like when I first used tampons.  And eventually I got it to go in!  It felt weird.  Then, you’re supposed to turn it so that it unfolds and seals against your vaginal walls preventing leakage.  Using my middle and pointer fingers, I did so and pushed it up a little higher to a more comfortable height and so that stem wasn’t sticking out as far.  And kept turning.  No way I was going to have leakage.

I was very, very aware of the cup inside me.  I walked around the bathroom a couple times, and shook my legs a bit.  As if I were trying on new pants but I couldn’t help but feel just a little weird.  Meh.

Taking it out was another story.

Now, when you go to take it out to empty it, I basically followed the same method.  Wash hands.  Squat.  Using my pointer finger, I gently slid it inside to press down onto the  cup itself to break the seal.  Then you’re supposed to be able to use the stem to pull it out.  But that sucker wouldn’t release!

It took both my middle and pointer fingers to achieve success.  Which meant I was pinching the base of the cup and I held my breath and waddled over the toilet a bit.  I was afraid that the blood had spilled over top and was not basically going to waterfall out of me.

Now this may sound gross, by strands of bodily fluids met with blood stringed out with the cup and I quickly used my hand to gather these up so I wouldn’t taint my new bathroom rug.  My cup was actually quite full and the noise it made when I poured it into the toilet just sounded like I was pooping.  A really big one.

I ended up using a square of toilet paper to set my Diva Cup on while I used more toilet paper to wipe some of the mucus-y blood off.  Then I washed my hands and my cup with some hot water and mild soap and inserted it again.

I wondered about what I would do if I were in a public restroom?  I’m not sure any woman wants to be at the sinks washing out their cups with any chance there will be a stranger there!  Plus, sometimes blood just clings inside the cup and clots, so it’s like getting out little snot boogers.


It took me about two cycles to get used to it being inside and decent at pulling it in and out.  It also took some time for me to just get used to not hurting myself.  Either by pinching myself (holy hell that is such a weird sensation) or by inserting the cup which my vagina was not accustomed to having in so suddenly some days.

During my period, my vagina is super sensitive.  And the first two days are filled with cramps galore plus bloating.  My lady bits are also very sensitive so that generally anything up it in those precious first days just hurts in general.  When I tried forcing myself to relax the muscles didn’t got very well.

I hope that I’d get used to it.  I mean, I spent like nearly a half my grocery budget on it.

After 6 Months…

I’m wearing it right now.  And it feels completely natural to me.  I’m glad I stuck with it.  Here’s a small list of things that I experienced since using the cup regularly:

1) No Worries:  My gosh.  No more going to the bathroom and peeing on your tampon string.  No more worrying about running out of tampons.  I can just go about my day and empty it twice a day!  No more crinkly packaging that you have to rip through in public restrooms.  No more worrying about if people can see your pad through your underwear and pants.

2) More Money:  I would say I can’t remember the last time I purchased any other feminine hygiene products, but I do because I sat down and looked it up before writing this post.  I can say that there is more money in my budget for other things that I enjoy doing – like yarn for crochet.  More money is always nice.

3) Health:  I’d also like to take the time to mention that my particular cup is made of medical grade silicon.  Many cups are.  If not, they are listed on their product.  Silicon is what gives it that flexible texture and what makes it more healthy for your vagina that conventional products (like tampons and pads).  It is also safe for people with latex allergies because it is not made of latex.


Let’s talk a little about some cons.  Because they are there.

4) Experience:  I’m a lot more adept at taking it in and out.  It is simplistic in nature, and it does it’s job well when you get it in there right… but there is a small learning curve.  You can read your manufacturer’s website for more tips.

5) Variability:  As with many intimate items, you need to be aware of your needs.  For me, the Diva Cup works perfectly in that I really only need to empty 2-3 times a day – more in the beginning when my flow is heaviest.  But that aspects changes from woman to woman and I recently learned, more than just blood collects in your cup.  Yup.  Gross.

There is also a difference in anatomy between women, so the Diva Cup, or even a menstrual cup in general, might not be viable.  Some women mentioned that the cup placed undue pressure on their surrounding anatomy – such as the urethra and anus, making going to bathroom difficult.

I’m linking a guide on how to find a menstrual cup appropriate for you to minimize the pain of figuring out which one to buy.  Check out this link to WikiHow here.

6) Embarrassing Public Situations:  Personally, my body doesn’t generate enough blood to fill my Diva Cup in less than 8 hours.  And I’ve never had to deal with changing it when I did work because I just emptied right before and right when I got home.  But this may not be the case for everyone, and I recognize that this can be a problem.

The one time I did do it at work, I magically was super pro and taking it out and putting it back in.  However, I didn’t wash it (gross, I know) because I was in a public restroom with stalls and couldn’t lock the door behind me.  Not everyone wants to deal with that.  I don’t want to deal with it.  And I’m lucky because my flow doesn’t warrant more recent changes.

Yours might.

7) It just doesn’t work for everyone. This is pretty self-explanatory but things just might not work out for whatever reason.  And that’s all right.  More and more health-conscious products are being released that are still eco-friendly and practical.

Tips and Tricks

  • For first time users, use pantyliners or pads if you are worried about leakage.  I happened to have some left over and used them up.
  • Wash your hands and clean under your nails.  Bacteria live there and while the vagina is self-cleaning, try not to make it work harder.
  • When it comes to insertion, having trim nails goes a long way in not accidentally scratching/pinching yourself.
  • If you are having trouble getting the cup in due to dryness, use a form of lubricant.  Either natural (from you) or a non-silicone based lube.  Otherwise you will ruin your cup.
  • You can empty it in the shower.  Maybe not so revolutionary but definitely helpful while adjusting and prevents getting some embarrassing stains.


These are the things that helped/affected me the most.  And I hope in turn they help you.

If you need more help, you can always check your manufacturer’s website (if available) as they often have FAQs that address most concerns.

Should You Try It?

I actually recommend this to all my girl friends.  I’ve had such good experiences using my Diva Cup that I think that many will benefit from it.  It fulfilled every benefit that I listed in my reasons I wanted to buy it either from the get-go or with practice.

My life has become more simplified in a way I didn’t imagine when I was younger.  And it’s had some lovely effects on my life – mostly less anxiety.  For different reasons, but saving money in any way really helps iron out some of my financial dreams (like being debt-free).  It’s small, but it adds up.  I also feel less anxious from just the fear that I’ll start my period when I least expect it (because it was so irregular for a long time) and that I’ll run out of tampons because I don’t have any money.

But.  You always need to do what is best for you.  And so, if you don’t think that a menstrual cup is the best option for you or you’ve discussed this with your medical care provider and you both have determined that it’s not for you, then that’s all right.  Thank you for taking the time to read this exceedingly long post.

Where To Buy

Menstrual cups are starting to appear in more places on the shelf these days.  Which is great!  But for some people, they might not be.  There’s always online and many places you can shop at.  I’ve listed some sites to check out below!  The first two will show you where stores stock cups, and the last two are places I recommend you buy from online.


Diva Cup

Menstrual Cup Map

Menstrual Cup

Be Prepared Period – this site also has other products available, such as cotton pads!

If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

I hope you have a lovely day.

// ]]>

Easy Vegan Salisbury Steak Recipe

If you can, always eat GREAT food.

My goodness, doesn’t the taste of delicious food make your toes curl?  It keeps back the huff and puff of mundane life transforming it into something extraordinary.

And the best part?  I didn’t even make it!  (Not dinner at least).  My boyfriend Sam made it – and has been busy in the kitchen since we purchased some vital wheat gluten.  Also known as the key component for seitan or meatless meat.

Long ago when I introduced Sam to veganism and meat substitutes, our interest in seitan was piqued.  Especially after those Field Roast hot dogs.  But I never really gave much thought to making my own – that seemed way too taxing.

I was wrong.

While the original recipe is from Isa Chandra’s website, Sam made it even more simple my nixing a few ingredients.  Less ingredients means less work!

Meaty Meat Meat Wheat

1 Cup Vital Wheat Gluten

3 TBS Nutritional Yeast or “nooch”

1/2 Cup Vegetable Broth

1/4 Cup Soy Sauce

5-6 Cloves Garlic

Simmer in…

5 Cups Vegetable Broth

1/4 Cup Soy Sauce


NOTE:  This is salty – to adjust this, swap out some of the broth for water and cut down the soy sauce in the simmering broth.  You could also change the amount in the seitan, but I think modifying the broth will work just as well because it’s going to absorb it.


  1.  Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Mix together the vital wheat gluten and nutritional yeast in a large bowl.
  3. Mix the soy sauce, broth, and garlic in another bowl.
  4. Add your liquid mixture to your dry ingredients and begin kneading the dough.  Isa Chandra directs you to knead it for 3 minutes.  If you wanted a tougher meat, you can knead longer.  Like bread.
  5. Cut into pieces and shape each loaf to your liking.  Maybe patties, little nuggets, bread loaves.  Do it to it.
  6. Pour simmering broth into a baking dish and lovingly place your seitan inside.  Wish them well.  They grow up so fast.
  7. Bake for 25 minutes.  Take out and FLIP.  Be careful not to splash yourself with the liquid.  Flip away from yourself.  Put them back in, they’re not ready! Bake for another 25 minutes.
  8. Enjoy.

I cooked up some rice in the ol’ InstaPot.  Then we plated our steaks (I had mine with some homemade ketchup – new recipe).  As a nice little bonus, the leftover simmering soup baked down into a nice gravy which we poured over top.  Delectable.

And there you have it.  Really simple seitan.  The longest part is the bake and that’s something easily remedied with timers and some good anime.  My recommendation?  “Sakamoto desu ga?” or “Haven’t you Heard?  I’m Sakamoto.”  Extra silly but that’s just how we like it.

Ingredient Highlight

So I’m not the kind of person to buy broth and keep it around.  And while I do like the ease of bouillon cubes I’ve found even better.  You might have heard of it.  It’s called “Better Than Bouillon” and don’tcha know?  They have a vegan one too!  Try it!

Did you also think that making your own seitan would be difficult?  What recipes did you try?  Comment below and let me know what you think.

; 3

Making Homemade Ketchup (Catsup)

Pump-sup?  Cat-kin?  Pumpkin catsup?  Still don’t have a good name for that…

After going vegan I haven’t bought catsup.  Sam and I neglect to buy catsup every grocery trip, but we aren’t going out of way to avoid the stuff either.  (Though honestly, some store brands have really questionable ingredient lists).  Oftentimes when we make our black-bean burgers or homemade fries we grab the veganaise and mustard and say, “Man, I wish we had some catsup!”

No more!  A couple days ago I tasked myself with two things:  1) finish off the pumpkin puree lifelessly laying in the fridge and 2) research recipes to make catsup.  Simple concept:  use pumpkin instead of tomatoes.  In my head I was dreaming up tomato alternatives – we don’t normally buy them and I didn’t think to purchase any cans of tomato product.  Pumpkin… has a similar sort of consistency.  It’s a bit more fibrous and stringy but that could be remedied by blending more intensely.  Pumpkin also has a rather subtle test (bland really) and that would definitely affect the flavor.

I was pretty confident:  hit the tangy with some vinegar and get a little sweetness in with some sugar.  There is a bit more to it than that – like a spice blend.  During my research I found that I wasn’t really far off the mark.  I was however surprised at the listing for some of the spices used – cinnamon, cloves, onion powder, garlic powder.  The recipe I am showing you was adapted from this one on Wellness Mama.  What really led me to this decision was ease.  Seriously, just chuck it all into a blender and blend?  I’m down.

Pumpkin Based Ketchup

3 Cups pumpkin puree

1/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1 1/2 TBS of Blackstrap Molasses

1 TS Sugar

1 1/2 TS Salt

1/4 TS Pepper

1/8 TS Chinese Five Spice Blend

3 cloves of garlic

Water to thin


Blend it all together!  This is pretty thick sauce and you will probably need water to help thin it out so it will blend.  Add only 1-2 TBS at a time until it blends.  When it is done, transfer to container and let it sit overnight.


I must admit that these are all estimates to what I used – for I did not record them and did fumble around with the spices until I got a taste I liked.   Which is what the recipe from above is born from.  My boyfriend (my awesome guinea pig) loves it!  He agrees that it is not a perfect imitation but hits the same flavor bases and is really quite delicious.

If you happen to try the recipe above, I offer you my notes:  when I originally made this I used too much Chinese Five-Spice (consists of cinnamon, cloves, anise, star anise, and ginger).  Or at least too much for my initial liking.  Because I am not a huge fan of licorice (unless it’s Red Vines) I didn’t really dig the strength of the licorice-y flavor prevalent throughout the sauce.  After letting it sit overnight though, I appreciate the kick it adds.

Now, feel free to adapt it to your own needs!  Don’t have or want to use ACV?  Use regular.  Need more garlic?  Add more garlic!  In all honesty, it’s just a sauce that you can tailor to fit your own needs.  In the future, I’d like to try making different flavored “ketchups”.  I don’t have any ideas at the moment besides lemony, but there is a whole world of possibilities that has just opened up to me.


A long, long time ago, my family used to live on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Life there was unhurried.  Time went by so slowly to little 9 year old me.  Considering there wasn’t much to do outside of going to the playground again (I was so over the playground) and my brother had to be outside, we’d often walk into town and visit the Youth Center.  Because our parents insisted.

There were two really cool people at the Youth Center – the “cook” who made the fries and the older kid who showed us “fry sauce”.  By mixing together mayo and ketchup you can obtain one of the most indulgent, delicious dipping sauces known to humanity.  When he first told us about it, I thought he was lying.  I legitimately thought he was trying to prank us seeing as he was a couple years older than us.  That and he kept looking back at his friends and had this really suspicious grin on his face.  I also really disliked mayo at that time.  And anything new.  But as soon as I decided to “show off” and be brave… I was pleasantly surprised.  My life forever changed!

Now let me tell you an embarrassing story!  Once, I went there and saw a friend working on one two?  Four?  Anyway, she was working on the computer typing up a report for school about Amelia Earhart.  She had a friend working on the computer across from her typing a report on Eleanor Roosevelt.  Trying to be friendly, I sat down and talked to her and tried to introduce myself to them.  They, unsurprisingly, were not particularly happy to distracted but weren’t rude.  Eventually I signed onto the computer next to them, and out of boredom, typed a “report” of my own smashing together their leading ladies’ stories.  Without understanding they were two separate people.

I even asked my friend for her thoughts because I thought I was being oh so clever!  What I had wanted her to comment on was my typing skills (it was something I was learning in school).  Of course, my report was terribly inaccurate which she read aloud and she and her friend laughed about.  Aw man, thinking back to it makes my cheeks sting with embarrassment!  At the time I actually wanted to cry and later I shied away trying to find Steven so that we could leave.

We stopped going eventually.  Steven and I heard some rumor about a kid who visited there that had stabbed someone with a screwdriver and I made sure to let my parents know.  Other than eating fries, I didn’t really enjoy going there.  Too many kids I didn’t know or care to know.  Really loud.  Things that didn’t sit well with younger me.

Do you have a special sauce that’s tied to your childhood?  Have you ever tried recreating those if they weren’t readily available?  Let me know below!  Or let me know if you hate my recipe and think it is not the bees knees.


Let’s begin with a cautionary tale about a young woman who made the transition from school to the “adult world” and mucked it up. All over.

Once upon a time, I moved away to go to college. When I left my family it was one of the most intense and shittiest experiences of my life. In comparison, moving into the dorms and managing my time between my classes was nothing. In fact I had retained most of my high school habits – note taking, procrastinating, still listening, and not talking to a lot of people. Life was good!

Except when it wasn’t. As a child I had been depressed and these issues were never resolved due to bad at home issues. Needless to say they followed me to college. When my fiance at the time broke it off with me, my depression was my existence. The emotions I did feel through my miserable haze was this pile of intense, and blinding confusion. It led me to making some bad financial decisions. While I regret the money I spent, I don’t regret the experiences. I learned a lot about life during this time, and decided it was time to cut the remaining threads.

This led me to moving off-campus eventually, dropping out of college and starting employment out of need. Working itself wasn’t hard, but dealing with people was another problem. My first job I made $8.25/hour and worked roughly less than 20 hours a week. Because school. I had two other jobs that didn’t pay much through sheer lack of hours. However, in total, I barely scraped by enough money for my rent and utilities. And bills. What assets I did have I poured into keeping myself afloat a shoddy raft while living well outside my means. This was a really wonderful way to dig myself further and further into debt.

Money is important in business. You need some kind of funding to get you up and going, to sustain you and your lifestyle (or lack thereof), and hopefully some coming in. Money is also important in general to pay the gosh darn bills and to put food on or plates. Or in the pan. Eat it straight from there and less dish washing. Here are things I’ve personally done because I am poor. And have been for a while. And here I am trying to launch a sort of passive career into the vastness of the internet.

For my little sister who is in high school and possibly wonders about adulthood… Here’s a list of advice:

Save Money

This is first because it is one of the hardest and most enduring lessons I’ve ever learned. Even when I didn’t grasp the value of money I still mindlessly saved money. You can save it for a rainy day. The rainy day is code for something bad happened. Like your car broke down, you lost your job. Your savings should serve two purposes: 1) a cushion for when you fall or get knocked down or 2) retirement. As the fight for fair, livable wages continue, I’d advise you to come up with your cushion, tuck that away and start saving up for your retirement.

Currently I’m very into FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early). I first read about it here, and I encourage you to check Melanie’s article. I’ve been sitting on top of about $20,000+ in gross debt AND still saving money. While it is not the amount that I require to really throw myself into the FIRE, it’s enough to get me started. In summary, the idea is that you would save as much money as you need to retire in 10 years. How the heck do you figure that out? Ideally you would save roughly 25 * your annual expenses. Which is like saying, “Save enough money so that you can safely withdraw 4% for retirement”. Crazy, right? If you would like to read more, click here.

For me, while I am battling debt, it was 30% out of every paycheck. The first thing I did when I got paid was move that to savings! I could do this because my boyfriend and I only required 30% of our income to pay the bills. ALL OF OUR BILLS. That 30% is what I also considered our lifestyle target – we live, eat and breathe well within our budget limits. It might not seem like a lot of money, but it took a lot of reading and math to figure out how I wanted to live. Which will lead me to the next point.


Man. You’ve probably read a lot about budgeting. I really like creating budgets, but it still took time to find one that fits! The biggest way to get on track is to keep track of all your expenses! And the easiest way to do that?

There are many apps and spreadsheets out there you can try. Most, if not all, banks offers some form of online banking that also tracks your online spending. Currently, I pen and paper it all the way. When I attempted using the service my bank had set up it kept sorting recurring expenses into different categories. So instead, I wrote down EVERY expense I saw across all accounts and added everything together to generate an idea. This is how I learned I spent way, way too much on eating out – roughly $30-$60! That’s too much. That money could have been going towards something better (like paying down my debt). Or even feeding us for weeks instead of me for a night.

My loose guideline is to write down all my rigid expenses, things like rent or utilities. These must be paid for. I also place groceries between this and the next category: malleable expenses. This is my internet and phone bill. While it is hard in this day in age to live without these commonplace things, it’s doable. Since I am starting an online business, not so much. But you get the idea. After that come everything else such as: entertainment, clothes, going out, whatever. Once you have a solid framework, try to adhere to it for a couple of months. You can make changes, both to your lifestyle and your budget, so try not to worry so much if it’s not working out. Definitely write out what isn’t working out and reflect on it? You’re pretty much in charge of your own life.

Before I move on, I wanted to say this last thing about budgeting: sometimes it helps thinking about it in the reverse. If you were to cut down your spending, what would you be able to cut and survive with? While you might not want to pay rent, having that home security and shelter is pretty nice. Especially in the extremes of seasons.

You can do it!

Credit Cards

Are they evil? No. They’re just a piece of plastic. What you really get when you mess with credit cards is a mind game. One that is entirely developed by you! They can be a dandy way to build credit, or even purchase large ticket items that YOU can pay off if you feel unsure about security. The answer lies entirely within you. Your willpower and mindset can control if you utilize them well or if they spell out a bad credit future.

Bad credit can ruin your chances of getting loans for a house, a car or even cut down your chances of getting that really nice apartment. Monitor your credit score and work towards building up good credit.

Remember credit cards are LOANS. That’s why they have interest rates.

Goals and Rewards

Always set clear goals and define your time limits! This can really help you interpret if your goal is realistic or needs to be adjusted. These are especially intimate because they require an understanding of you as a person and how you handle money. I struggle the most here because I don’t like admitting that I have a lot of debt. Not even to my boyfriend! BUT I STILL DO IT.

When I do well and accomplish my goals, I allow myself to buy something that I want. Right now, my savings goal is to have $1000 by mid-year. My determined reward is this electric pressure cooker I’ve been fretting over for about a year now. My point is right now, just as your goals deserve to be clear and well defined so does your reward. This makes it more tangible and builds up excitement as you reach your goal. It can also have the opposite effect. So, ; ), be trying to stay on track.

My other point is that is also doesn’t have to be a thing, it can be an experience! Like eating out, or going on a small trip, or even making a spa visit! Whatever you want. Just try not to spend all that money you worked so hard to save!

A good job always deserves recognition and a bad job deserves reflection.

Something that is mentioned above but deserves to be mentioned, is making more money. There are way to do this. The most popular method passed by word-of-mouth is investing in yourself: go to college. I didn’t have the money to keep going. I also don’t have an idea what I want to do. But there’s a lot of reverence for degrees. Or you could have traditional investments like stocks or bonds. And lastly, my goal: a decent amount of passive income.

This website is my attempt at a piece of that passive income cake. I like creating content but I am looking to create content that will help other people in my situation. Maybe you have kids and can’t spend much time away from them. Maybe you have kids and want to spend more time with them. Maybe you struggle with depression or another invisible illness and the internet is a more employee friendly place for you to spread your wings. Whatever your reason, you can get an idea of what that income might look like by checking out Wealthy Affiliate. There’s no obligation and it’s free unless you personally open your wallet. It is the most eye-opening community that I joined and you might like something like that.

As always, I hope that this helps! If I left out something that you wanted to know, leave a comment below or e-mail me at Same if you have any questions as I do love answering questions.

Be cozy!