The Trip to the Barcade

It’s loud.  Pushing through the waves of people seems like a chore.  But there’s a goal.  A tangible objective.  It’s that machine in the corner!

Some much beloved friends invited me to a bar with an arcade.  A “barcade” if you please.  And unlike my last bar trip (which you can read here) it was a legitimate establishment.

If you have a craving for some incredibly retro games, this is the place for you.  If you wanted a place to meet people with mutual interests outside of drinking, go here.  If you just needed a moment to get your bearings and that meant rolling a ball up a ramp and into a hole — you get the point.

Every. Last. Quarter.

I am an indulgent person.  Treating myself is one of my hobbies.  And really when I discovered all the ways I could do that (oh my goodness – food) I may have went a little overboard.

At this moment I may be eating a pan of lemon bars I made last night.

Video games are potent.  Hardly anything compares to the elation of discovering a new city that defies conventional physics or unfolding an intricate plot in a story-driven RPG.  It really shakes up my brain.

On the few rare trips my brother and I took to the arcade I’d be obliged to spend every last bit of allowance I had.  My poison?  Gun games.  My brother and I would hit up House of the Dead and Time Crisis machines religiously.   We played so many our parents actually bought us an Area 51 game for our Playstation!

We moved away and stopped visiting as frequently.  The tiny brush ups that we had with arcade games were limited to a handful of machines at restaurants or stores.

What good times.  One of my most favorite accomplishments was a 2nd rank Co-op score my brother and I got at a Time Crisis machine.

After Saturday night not much has changed.  Two of us pre-gamed to cut down on our alcohol costs and shared a pool of change to tackle some games with.  I spent nearly every quarter I had except $3 worth because – well, I have more responsibilities now!  Between the four of us  we must’ve spent maybe… $20-$25!  On games alone.  That’s a lot of quarters.

It went mostly to this machine:

Worth it though, am I right?  We even got 1st place!

For Adults Only

This is, of course, a bar.  A real bar that serves beer and liquor!  To kickstart our night it was the Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot.  A crazy mixture of Fireball + ??? + Rumchata.  From the kindness of my friend, he asked the bartender to sub it out for something not creamy because I’m a) lactose intolerant and b) I’m vegan.  Mine got extra doses of Fireball and did that get my heart pumping.

Later on, I learned that the idea was actually from the sign next to us, and not my friend’s knowledge of drinks.

Another cute idea?  Remember winning tickets for prize exchanges?  While my favorite games didn’t spit out tickets, we’d still play a couple every now and then.  We’d play the Tornado game with our mom and skee-ball.

Apparently… you can earn drinks here too!  We actually didn’t test that out but were so tickled by the idea.  It beats cheap plastic toys (except that frogs) and candies.  It’s so… awesome.


Ah.  Sometimes when you walk into a bar, they have a bouncer waiting at the door with a stamp in hand.  Just a quick little system.  After checking our IDs, we were cleared to go.

I went to the bathroom and just wanted to make sure that the door with Princess Peach was actually the Ladies’ Restroom.  As soon as I approached the bouncer to ask, a girl walked in and nonchalantly strolled past him.  He, being a good bouncer, stopped her and asked to see her ID.

She said, “My ID is on my phone which I left in here.”  Cue some incredulous looks.

“Do you have a stamp?”

“No, I got in when the other guy was at the door.”  After admitting she didn’t have a stamp there was even more suspicion.  He probably stopped her because I heard her throw a fit:  “I’m 26 years old!”  It was then I turned on my heel and went for the Princess Peach door.  It was better than standing there awkwardly.

Perhaps because I grew up around military bases and went to school on them, I was completely used to the idea of always carrying my ID around.  It’s hard not to!  Unless you had someone sign you on you weren’t allowed to be on base.

“I Don’t Like to Dance”

Upstairs was another bar owned by the same person.  In fact, there’s a way for the bartenders to go between places.

While I am not particularly fond of dancing (it makes me witlessly scared) I have many friends who are.  So that my friends may dance without worry, I always offer to babysit all our items.  I like listening to music anyway. ; )

Towards the end of our stay, this guy sitting near me tried to start up a conversation.  Which would have been fine if we could hear each other and I was interested.  Being nice I decided to hear him out which boiled down to asking if I had a drink and wanting to know if I wanted to “sober dance” with him. I politely said, “I don’t like to dance” and stopped looking in his general direction.

It makes me feel awkward.  Being asked to dance by people I don’t know who think they are doing me a favor.

I hardly dance with my boyfriend in the comfort of our own home (sorry Sam!).

I feel so vulnerable.  While my self-esteem is a lot better, I lack a lot of body confidence.  My fear of also being made fun of and making a fool of myself creep up into my head.  And sometimes that leads to depression because dancing can be fun.  When I sit down and think about it:  my fear is preventing me from doing things that I want.

It’s been something that I’ve been working on.

Overall, I really enjoyed the night.  Playing games with friends, listening to some all right music and just jovially strolling down town streets is fun.  Even being dragged out to the floor wielding bags and jackets galore was mildly fun as my friends tried to get me to dance with them.


Was there ever a time that you stopped yourself from doing something out of fear?  How did that make you feel?

You can leave a comment below or email me at !  Take care dears.

Big Sis: Giving in to Adventure

Hey Little Sis, it’s Big Sis!

Are you as excited for summer time as Sam and I?  I keep turning over to the produce sections of our hometown’s grocery stores to check the prices on various things.  To our delight – yes, some seasonal fruits and veg have dropped in price.

We have a pretty mundane life.  We get excited over saving money on groceries, getting to stay in, playing board games with friends and so on.  And it’s awesome!

Every now and then we’ll find or discover something extraordinary and terribly different!  This is one of those times.

Nameless Cave Adventure

It sounds a bit like an RPG area, doesn’t it?  “Nameless Cave”.  So mysterious.  So not what I expected.

Ginger asked if I would accompany her to a friend’s show at a bar in the next city over.  Curious and not having any other plans that did I agreed.  Not even the interview I later scheduled that noon would deter me!  But my lack of sleep threatened to.

I woke no less than seven times in anticipation and steadily watched minutes tick by, unable to relax.  While my chest was tight with fright, I still had a bad case of nerves to thank for keeping my mind boldly awake.

The interview went well by the by. : )  But this is a story about a bar!

Afterwards I blobbed myself onto the couch clutching a freshly pressed cup of coffee (delicious adult fuel).  My attempts at napping failed and here was the alternative.  Drinking caffeine while mindlessly consuming cooking videos to keep awake.  The first two hours were the hardest!  And I really thought about calling it quits.  But I couldn’t let Ginger down!


Our expectations for the bar were small:  it was in the city, it was decorated like a cave, and there was going to be four bands on the set list.  Simple but not entirely true…

Looking back I am amazed that the fact we merely drove through the outskirts of Rapid didn’t tip me off.  As we neared our destination the city grew more distant.  Our nerves were a little tickled but we persevered.

Eventually we were creeping up this winding road that snaked between really rundown houses.  Civilization was a remote residential segment.  A distinct lack of commercial buildings.  After passing armies of deers that leered at us we reached our destination:  a “dead” end.

Ginger and I parked after spying the telltale 7770 on the house plate.  Cars were parked neatly along the walls though there was a lack of people.  We only saw two other souls who didn’t seem terribly friendly (perhaps from hauling equipment).  So we waited until we did have reception – and proceeded to get ahold of Andy, Ginger’s friend.

It took about five minutes before we were able to send the text and a couple more for Andy to
come walking down and find us.  Then, and only then, did we leave our car.  Andy walked us up into the valley to reveal a small building with an outdoor bar and deck to the right of it.  Behind you can actually find trails for hikes and nature walks which we hope to later check out.
Inside had the vibe of your mother’s basement, couches tucked into the corners and amps, speakers, on the far side.  Walking past all that was a crowded area full of other band’s stuff and even further still was probably the most awesome surprise:  a cave.  There was a legitimate cave on this property and had been wired for lighting!

Talk about an adventure!  Going down made me feel like I was haunting some bandit encampment’s footsteps.

Faintly, we coud hear the band from upstairs during the first half of the cave.  Inside was icy cold: our breaths a testament to chill we felt inside our clothes.

Water echoed in the walls around us.  Few pools and streams were visible and someone had made a walled in basin.  Further inside the caves were covered with what looked like light layers of skin and felt waxy, bending a bit lit cartilage.  I had my fun!

Local Musicians

Since as long as I can remember I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to music.  Some people feel inclined to dance, I fall into back into my body and just feel it reverberate through my bones.

We only listened to two bands (both Andy’s) and Purple Honey really ate through my heart.  It was a fantastic feeling!  Not often do you have front row seats to a sound that you’ve been chasing through other artists.  Cozy and in the corner, I listened intently.

For me, listening is just such an intense state of being.  I like it more than the buzz after drinking.  I don’t always hit that ecstatic “high” where the world feels good and you can taste the passion in the air.  So every moment is always a cherished moment.

Do you enjoy listening to music?  What kinds of music do you listen to?  This happened to be a “punk rock” show which I suppose is a genre I enjoy.  Typing that I can almost feel the angst.

Leave a comment or drop me a message!