About Me


Welcome to my website!

My name is Teisha and I’d like to start by telling you how I came to make this site:  Cozy @ Home.

When I recently become jobless, I decided to give affiliate marketing a try.  But I really hadn’t a clue what that was, how to get going, or where to start.  After finding a community at a site called Wealthy Affiliate, I was even more determined to start trying.


I’m a person with low energy.  Low people energy.  Despite my love of conversations and social activities, it’s draining.  Hence, I spend a lot of time alone, and at home.  Slowly I started to wonder about all the things that make me who I am:  a homebody.

Some of my fondest moments are sipping on hot teas, sitting next to my boyfriend watching a movie or TV show.  My favorite hobbies include drawing, playing video games, drinking drinks, and watching cooking shows on the internet.  Despite my simple life, I am very happy.

It is my firm belief that you should always have a place to unwind.  Maybe it’s a room in your home, a nook in the library, or even somewhere out in nature.  Mine happens to be my apartment, right on the love seat in our living room.  The openness of the room really lifts my mood and keeps me from feeling too restricted.

The love seat is my humble workspace.

Thanks for reading about me.  It feels odd, and I hope that in some way it was entertaining.  While I begin my quest for comfort, I hope that you always have a place to find yours whether it be through music, food, or any other hobbies.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below!

Thanks again,